Update on the Selection of Prospective Parlimentary Candidate for the 2015 General Election


The selection process is being conducted in full compliance with the “Rules for the selection of Conservative Party Candidates in Conservative held seats in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for the UK Parliament” (July 2013 edition).

The Selection Committee consists of Andrew Speed, Chairman, Sarah Stamp, Deputy Chairman Political, Simon Bennett, Deputy Chairman Membership, Derrick Haley, Vice Chairman and Betty Milburn, President.

The so called “long process” involving Competency Tests is being used to ensure full involvement of all local party members during what will be a rigorous and robust process.

The method of final selection of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) will be by a Special General Meeting of the members of the Association entitled to vote.  Voting will be by secret ballot.

The current status is as follows:-

·       Following the closing of the advertisement some 94 CVs were submitted by Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) to the Selection Committee.

·       The CVs were carefully and thoroughly reviewed independently by members of the Selection Committee.

·       The Selection Committee visited CCHQ in London on Wednesday, 24th September 2014 to sift the CVs and agree a “long list” of Candidates.  This list contains 11 names.

The forward process is as follows:-

·       Competency Tests for long-listed candidates will be carried out in the Constituency during mid October.

·       Executive Council interviews of long-listed candidates will be undertaken on Saturday, 25th October 2014.  Candidates will be scored using objective criteria and a short list of Candidates chosen.

·       Final election of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate from the short list will be carried out at a Special General Meeting of the Association membership, date to be notified.

No further information is available at this stage.