CWO Structure

Executive Committee

The CWO's Executive Committee has representation from all 12 Regions of the United Kingdom and co-opted members who bring special expertise and links with other parts of the Conservative Party. This Executive Committee has an Annual General meeting and meets three times a year. 

The CWO works very closely with the Minister for Women and the Vice Chairman for Women (when applicable).

Our Regional Team:


Tiz Baskerville


National Officers:

President, CWO:

Pauline Lucas 

Chairman, CWO:

Katy Bourne 

Deputy Chairman (Finance), CWO:

Margaret Bird


The CWO invites women who have made a major contribution to the organisation at national level to become Vice Presidents. 

Honorary Vice Presidents:

Fiona Hodgson CBE 

Pamela Parker 

The Rt Hon Baroness Anelay of St Johns DBE 

The Baroness Byford DBE 

The Baroness Seccombe DBE 

The Baroness Wilcox 

Marney Swan OBE 

Sally Ridley-Day OBE 

Caroline Abel Smith OBE 

Betty Rodrigues OBE 

Jackie Jenkin-Jones OBE 

Lynne Elson OBE



Regional Chairmen:

East Midlands:

Amanda Solloway


Tiz Baskerville

Northern Ireland:

Dorothy Dunlop 


Sally Roberts 


Caroline Gardner 

North East:

Sylvia Leigh

North West:

Anne Humphreys


Diana Mackenzie

South West:

Vera Milverton


Julie Iles


Angela Jones-Evans BLib(Hons) PGCED PhD MCLIP

West Midlands:

Barbara McCracken


Each Region is divided up into Areas or Counties, each with an Area or County Chairman and each containing a number of constituencies, many of whom have Conservative Women's Constituency Committees (CWCCs) or affiliated lunchclubs. 

Co-Opted (CO) and Additional (AD) Members



Liz St Clair

Director of DevelopmentCO


Theodora Clarke

Director of CommunicationsCO


Sophie Stratton

Conservative Women's ForumCO


Claire Palmer

Special ProjectsAD



Lynne Faulkner, British Section Chairman, EUW

The Chairman of the British Section of the EUW is invited to sit on the Executive Committee of the CWO.